Hier könnt ihr meine gemachten Tests begutachten! xD

Welcher Anime-/Manga-Protagonist passt zu dir?
Edward Elric Zu dir passt Edward Elric aus der Serie Fullmetal Alchemist.
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Ich bin 27.3% Emo!


You are Rika Furude!
You are a very cute and honest girl, but underneath your little exterior lies a mature woman in a childs bodie.
You have lived many times, over and over again. You have much experience, despite your age and small apearance.
You love to be cute and be with your friends, but when they need protecting, you show your true self and try your best to save them from danger.
Rika is a very smart girl, but usually puts on a little girls mask. She wants to protect her friends no matter what, and above all, she wants to LIVE happily with her friends to see the end of her life naturally.
Be glad your such a sweet kid~ :3
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